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Flesh and Blood - Heavy Hitters Blitz Decks

Flesh and Blood - Heavy Hitters Blitz Decks

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Enter the Deathmatch Arena with all new Heavy Hitters Blitz Decks!

Fan-favourite Warrior Kassai returns from the wastelands to win big at the arena, earning enough gold to raise an army and take sweet revenge against those who wronged her. Crowd-pleasing Guardian Betsy brings the smackdown, living large off the back of her massive wagers. The wild Brute Kayo has lost an arm and his sanity, but all that's done is make him even more dangerous. Longtime champion and skilled Warrior Olympia lives by the edge of his blade, always raising the stakes. Wealthy Guardian Victor Goldmane greases palms to fix the match in his favour. And last, but certainly not least, the Alpha Brute Rhinar has wandered out of the Savage Lands, making the arena his new hunting ground.

Ready-to-play out of the box, Heavy Hitters Blitz Decks offer an action-packed new way to try Flesh and Blood, allowing players to gamble on their own fights and test their strength to see who comes out on top in the arena! Each deck contains a Rainbow Foil Young Hero card, as well as a set of non-foil Extended Art cards key to that specific hero's strategy.

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