Alpha Clash

Alpha Clash TCG has finally arrived on Malaysian shores! The game features world-class artwork, amazing gameplay, and is steeped in rich lore and backstory. This game is the superhero-themed TCG the industry has been waiting for! Alpha Clash was developed by a team of expert trading card game players AND has been tested extensively by a large group of highly competitive card players and judges from many popular games. 

Flesh and Blood Singles (Best Selling)

Get Started on Your Flesh and Blood Journey!

Ready-to-play out of the box, Blitz decks are designed to be a perfect introduction to Flesh and Blood, and suitable for new and experienced players alike. Each Blitz Deck contains an exclusive Rainbow Foil Young Hero card along with weapon, equipment, and Mentor cards, in addition to the 40-card deck.

Flesh & Blood Inspired Playmats

Jade, Spider Assassin is an original character designed & created by FAB artist extraordinaire Mateusz Wiśniewski in collaboration with us to celebrate Legend Stories Studios' new expansion, Dynasty.

This mat is the third in a series of characters and artwork inspired by the world of Rathe; which also includes easter eggs such as The Mask of Perdition and more!

We hope you have hours of fun playing your favourite TCGs on this mat and if you're an FAB fan; have a blast looking out for easter eggs in the artwork.

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