Buylist Rates

We Give You Cash or Store Credit

Need to clear the bulk in your collection? Bring your cards in and we'll be more than happy to give you an evaluation! 

Get 50% in cash or 60%+ in store credit for cards that are Majestic that are valued above USD 1.00 on TCGPLAYER. Our buy rates for other rarities are as follows:

  • Rare Non Foils - RM 0.05
  • Common Foils - RM 0.15
  • Rare Foils - RM 0.25
  • Majestics (Below  USD 1.00) - RM 0.30

Store credit can be used for sealed products or singles in our store. Please note that store credit expires after 12 months so we highly encourage to use your store credit quickly or on-the-spot.

We are currently keen on the following sets:

  • Heavy Hitters (HVY)
  • Bright Lights (EVO)