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Defender Legion Bag

Defender Legion Bag

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Looking for a bag to store your miniatures?

The Defender Legion Bag is made from durable polyester and is designed to be an easy-to-carry case that is the perfect solution to transport your armies for an afternoon or evening of miniature wargaming.

The bag supports the entire line of Defender foam trays. and fits both our half & full-size range of foam trays. The Defender Legion bag can transport up to 16 foam trays utilising either our Defender 30 or 40 Foam Trays*. That means you can transport up to 288 miniatures in a one Defender Legion bag!

The Defender Legion bag also has 2 side pockets and 1 large front pocket so you can also to carry gaming accessories with you in the bag.

Product Dimensions

  • Length: 380mm
  • Width: 290mm
  • Height: 255mm

*Defender Foam Trays are SOLD SEPARATELY.

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