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Flesh and Blood - History Pack 1 Blitz Deck: Bravo

Flesh and Blood - History Pack 1 Blitz Deck: Bravo

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Ready-to-play out of the box, History Pack 1 Blitz decks are designed to be a perfect introduction to Flesh and Blood, and suitable for new and experienced players alike. This Blitz Deck comes with 40 cards, plus hero, weapon, and equipment cards.

Bravo Deck Decklist

1 Bravo

1 Anothos
1 Goliath Gauntlet
1 Helm of Isen's Peak
1 Nullrune Boots
1 Nullrune Robe

2 Cartilage Crush (Red)
2 Crush Confidence (Red)
2 Debilitate (Red)
2 Sink Below (Red)
2 Thump (Red)

2 Cartilage Crush (Yellow)
2 Crush Confidence (Yellow)
2 Debilitate (Yellow)

2 Cartilage Crush (Blue)
2 Chokeslam (Blue)
2 Debilitate (Blue)
2 Disable (Blue)
2 Emerging Dominance (Blue)
2 Macho Grande (Blue)
2 Pummel (Blue)
2 Rally the Rearguard (Blue)
2 Sloggism (Blue)
2 Staunch Response (Blue)
2 Thunder Quake (Blue)
2 Unmovable (Blue)

3 Seismic Surge // Seismic Surge

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