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We Buy Your Cards


1. Contact us
Download the following template and list your cards down. Send the completed spreadsheet alongside any images of your collection to us which will help us get back to you with our first offer quickly & accurately. (Rares and Common foils are considered as bulk, we have special rates for those)

Download Spreadsheet

2. Get a non-binding offer
After submitting your spreadsheet alongside any photos, we will evaluate your cards and make you an initial offer for your collection.

Our buying prices for individual cards change on a daily basis. We pay up to 70% of the market price, depending on different factors like card condition, card language and our inventory levels.

You are now free to take up or reject our offer.

3. Deliver your collection
Deliver your cards if you decide to accept our initial offer. You can also bring your collection in to get a buying price without submitting an initial list or pictures. We'd be happy to evaluate your collection. 

Please spend some time separating your valuable cards from your bulk which will improve and expedite the evaluation process.

4. Get the final offer
A final offer will be made that usually won't differ further than 10% of the initial offer.

5. Get paid
You accept the offer and we will pay you within three (3) business days in the form of cash, store credit or a combination of both.

Get in touch with us today!

Store Opening Hours: Wednesdays to Sundays, 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

*Please note that offers will only be valid for 7 days & has been to be delivered within then*
Bulk Buylist Rates (Price Per Card):
Common Foils = RM 0.10
Rares = RM 0.05
Rare Foils = RM 0.20
Majestic = RM 0.35
Cards above a dollar on TCGplayer will be evaluated  60% - 70% of the last sold price.